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When comparing to the other juice extractors, this is a best type of the juice extractor that can give the eminent performance without making any complications to the users. There are no risks while using this product. This safe to body which is food gradable, non allergic and many of the health complications can be prevented while using this product. In fact, they come out with the innovative sleek designs and there are innumerous styles and designs are available with this juice extractors. So this is more unique and also stylish and can give a large number of the advantages when comparing with the others.

The Cuisinart juicer cje 1000 is more compatible and also a renowned one for attaining a large number of the advanced features which the others cannot make any limitations and complications. It is possible to get rid of the other disadvantages which can be attained from the other machines. This can get rid of the noise and they do have an eminent and the prominent feature which the others do not possess this with the advanced technology. In fact, this is more different from the others in the design, performance and also with the other types of the enhanced features.

This is highly recommended by many of the people as, they do not make any troubles and even the maintenance and handling are very easy, when comparing them with the others. In fact, there are a large number of updates are made now which are innovative and could not get from the others. This is an advanced machine with a more features and better innovations.

Breast Implants: Safety Guidelines You Should Follow

There are many women who severely lack self esteem in the absence of fully grown beautifully curved breast. For these women undergoing a breast augmentation procedure is rather necessity than choice and most of them have confessed that a breast augmentation has brought significant changes in their lives.

Breast implants are used in the breast augmentation procedure for a fuller and enhanced beauty of the feminine breasts. The implants are used to repair the flaws of sagging breasts and to adjust the shape of the breasts. The breast implants—especially the silicone-gel-filled ones—-used in the breast augmentation procedures have always attracted fair share of media attention. They have faced both positive and negative publicities from time to time.

So what was the controversy all about? At one point of time, FDA was not ready to accept the use of silicone implants with the belief that they were susceptible to leakage which could be fatal for overall health. Some women with silicon implants and complained of chronic low-grade fever, fatigue and joint pain —-all of the disorders were attributed to their implants. This raised alarm among certain section of medical practitioners about a possible connection between silicone leaking into the body and the disorders such as scleroderma or rheumatoid arthritis. However, till then the saline implants were the only approved implants available in the United Sates are. It was based on the logic that saline is a natural product already found in the body and leakage of this substance will not possibly cause any health problem.

Now this decision was not welcomed by the patients as well as the surgeons who believed silicon implants resembled the natural breast tissues more than any other products. This forced FDA take up years long research and the outcome of research is:
FDA has now make silicone implants legal, and more women are opting for this implant with a more original look and feel.

The FDA concluded on the basis of its research that silicone-gel-filled implants would continue to be available. But the doctors were asked to use them only where saline-filled implants were not an option. This is the reason, why many cosmetic surgeons will recommend saline-filled implant over a silicon implant.

FDA has legalized the use of silicon implants only after stipulating a strict set of criteria. Patients using silicone-gel-filled implants are required to participate in a study designed to monitor their health for five years or more after surgery.

The other regulations relating to silicone breast implants as stipulated by the FDA are:

1.Replacement or revision of saline implants
2.Tuberous breast deformity
3.Congenital breast reconstruction
4.Breast augmentation to the opposite breast for symmetry
5.Augmentation with a breast lift (mastopexy)
6.Severe asymmetries of the breast
7.Breast cancer reconstruction

There are some other points to remember: the women below eighteen years of age are not entitled to get breast implant, the women having certain medical conditions or diseases that may affect wound healing also do not qualify for getting breast implants.

Before taking the decision you must be aware of the fact that breast augmentation procedure is not permanent. You may need to undergo one more surgery in about 10 years. There is no ground rules for the maximum duration of implants, but there are evidences that they sometime leak or rupture. In that case, you will need to have another procedure, either to remove or replace your implants.

Most importantly, if you are considering silicon implants, you must have discussion with your plastic surgeon about the possible side effects and expected result of the surgery. Also surf the internet to get information from various consumer groups and join the forums to connect to the women who have already had the surgery. Also study carefully the printed information that comes in the implant package.

Breast reconstruction with implants has become a very popular cosmetic procedure for millions of women of varying age group. Most of the women undergoing this surgery have reported their satisfaction and on the whole use of implants seems to be safe for health. Even then, keep the above mentioned safety guidelines in mind as added precaution and for best result and maximum satisfaction.


A Guide For The Teenagers Who Want To Undergo A Cosmetic Surgery

Even a few years ago, cosmetic surgeries were largely associated with rich and famous who desperately wanted to cling to their glamorous image as long as they live! But what do you make out of the news that a fifteen years old girl demanded a breast augmentation cosmetic surgery package for her sixteenth birthday? Well, this indicates to the latest trend: plastic surgery is no longer a domain explored by those in their middle ages, who have significantly lost their youthful grace due to growing age. Today, it is the teenagers that significantly occupy the cosmetic surgery market. Be it a breast augmentation or a rhynoplasty, a lip job or a male breast reduction surgery—-you will encounter hundreds of young faces queuing up the plastic surgery clinics in anticipation of a new enhanced look.

If you are asked to define cosmetic surgery, you may probably choose these words to describe the procedure: a procedure aimed at improving patient’s appearance and self-image. Yes, this concept of self image is extremely important when you come to explain the recent craze of the teenagers about plastic surgery. According to ASPS, among the US teenagers, the numbers of cosmetic surgery candidates are on a constant rise.

ASPS also reports varying reasons for which the teenagers resort to a plastic surgery. For the US teenagers, being acceptable in the peer group is a major stimulus for plastic surgery. Then comes the factor of self image; most of the young people opt for the procedure from the belief that certain changes will make them more attractive.

While reconstructive procedures correct defects on the face or body including the physical birth defects like cleft lips, palates or ear deformities and traumatic injuries, cosmetic procedures involve altering the appearance of a part of the body that the person happens to have a strong disliking.

The cosmetic procedures chosen most commonly by the teenagers include nose reshaping, ear surgery, acne and acne scar treatment, and breast reduction for boys and breast augmentation for girls.

Here are few things a teenager should remember before jumping into decision:
1. You should not take up surgery as an option just to please somebody else.

2. If you are too self conscious at this phase of your life just because the smallness or largeness of some part of your body, you must be informed that this is only a passing phase of your life and there are enough time left to your body taking just the right shape.

3. Never choose plastic surgery as a means to weight loss at this point of your life—instead try healthy diet and physical exercise.

4. There are certain cosmetic procedures that are not performed on the young patients. They include: Breast enlargement (not under 18), Liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction, Cheek implants (not under 15).

5. However, nose reshaping, ear pinback and removal of Gynecomastia are the commonest procedures that are commonly performed on the teenagers.

However, many cosmetic surgeons believe, that cosmetic surgeries can dramatically improve physical and emotional health of some teenagers. If you have taken your decision in favor of a cosmetic improvement, take your parents into confidence; visit the plastic surgeon along with your parents to get an overview of the expected results and possible complications or downsides to the surgery. In a nutshell, cosmetic surgery is not a subject that a teenager should jump into abrupt decision. Go for the surgery only when you know you have all the necessary facts.

Nurse’s Guide – Getting Help For A Pain Killer Addiction

If you’re physically dependent on a drug the sudden stopping of the drug may result in serious consequences. The treatment options for pain killer addiction include: medications, such as methadone and LAAM (levo-alpha-acetyl-methadol), and behavioral counseling; usually, the patient is medically detoxified before any treatment approach is begun. There are quite a few effective treatment options to treat pain killer addiction to prescription opioids and to help manage the sometimes severe withdrawal symptoms that can accompany the sudden stopping of pain killers or drugs.

More than 415,000 people received treatment for pain killer abuse or addiction in the past year. Although detoxification isn’t a treatment for pain killer addiction, it can help relieve the withdrawal symptoms while the patient adjusts to being free of pain killers or other prescription drugs. Opioids should never be taken when drinking alcohol, which is also a drug, or when alcohol may still be in the system.

Many chronic pain patients may be under-treated as a result of doctors who are trying to gain control over pain killer addiction, it’s reported. An opioid-dependent pain patient has improved function with the use of the drug while an opioid-addicted patient does not have any improvement. 2.2 million people aged 12 and up first abused painkillers within the past year. This is more than the number of people who started using marijuana and has overtaken the use of cocaine.

Addiction to pain killers is a rapidly escalating problem today, especially the abuse of opioid pain killers. The less common side effects and adverse reactions of pain killers are: confusion, hallucinations, delirium, hives, itching, hypothermia, bradycardia (slow heart rate), tachycardia (rapid heart rate), raised intracranial pressure, ureteric or biliary spasm, muscle rigidity and flushing. The common side effects and adverse reactions of pain killers are: nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, dry mouth, miosis (contraction of the pupil), orthostatic hypotension (blood pressure drops upon sudden standing)- which often happens when arising too fast when getting out of bed in the morning, urinary retention, constipation and fecal impaction.

Pain killer addiction includes the terms: opiate dependency, opiate addiction, narcotic dependency, narcotic addiction, and pain killer dependency or painkiller dependency. Opioids that are used as the doctor has prescribed are supposedly not dangerous according to some well-established medical groups; but if this is the case, why are so many people addicted to them? When you’re addicted physically to a drug, like pain killers or alcohol, etc., it’s because you’ve suppressed or shut down your body’s production of endorphins, which are natural opiate pain killers. When this happens you start craving the drug that you replaced the endorphins with whether it’s alcohol, any of a number of drugs or pain killers.

All the other demands of children, a job, school, or any other responsibilities may make inpatient treatment seem like an intrusion but it’s not. If you can’t do an in-patient rehab, find out how you can do outpatient rehabilitation and pay for it under your insurance plan. Check your insurance policy to see if its covered. There are many pain killer addiction treatment facilities located throughout the United States, Canada and other parts of the world.

Many insurance plans do cover inpatient detox. Check your policy if you have insurance. The longer you wait to get treatment the worse it’ll get so take action now. It’s important to get help. Don’t try to get off pain killers on your own.

Try to do things that make you feel good for an endorphin release as long as it’s natural. A patient being treated with a pain killer can become dependent, but with controlled and appropriate use of the medication, the patient can return to some level of normal living and normal activities following discontinuing of the drug. Researchers are working hard on different ways to optimize pain relief while reducing the risk of drug abuse, including reformulating certain drugs.


Interesting Developments In The Sphere Of Cosmetic Surgery

Men have an eternal craving for staying young and looking ravishing even if they grow old. As we grow older, we start losing the smoothness and elasticity of the skin and the body starts losing its natural toned look. Then there are people who are born with certain cosmetic defects that prevent them from living their life in full vigor. The plight of these people whose appearance become the cause of agony have always made the medical scientists think and that led to the emergence of cosmetic surgery as the most innovative branch of medical science. It is often said, that no branch of medical science has made such a remarkable advancement over such a short period of time.

The recent trends in plastic surgery however involve the shift of emphasis from complex surgical procedures to minimal invasive techniques and prospects in the coming decades seem only endless. The procedures are increasingly becoming quicker requiring lesser downtime for recovery, the scarring are going to be less and expenses are also coming down significantly attracting a larger segment of the society.

The researches are moving toward the most advanced kind of cosmetic engineering. As for example, the scientists have achieved major breakthroughs in the area of tissue engineering that will make generation of live tissues possible in the laboratory set up to be used to replace the damaged skin or body parts. The researches are also being carried on to explore the possibilities in reproducing skin grafts, breast tissue, muscles, or nerves. Thus the future of cosmetic surgery seems to mostly depend on the advancements made in the areas of tissue engineering.

However, as said earlier, in the new millennium, the cosmetic surgery is leaning more towards less invasive procedures and a new generation of products and techniques have been introduced to deal with a number of cosmetic imperfections. We all know about Botox and its recent popularity, but there are many more products with the same or even more potentials.

Botulinum toxins.
Some people simply need a stronger version of Botox for longer duration and stronger wrinkle reducing abilities. Their demand can be met in a product called Myobloc or Dysport which is a type B botulinum toxin while Botox is type A. Its advantage lies in the fact that Dysport treatments requires two application a year as opposed to the four application a year usually needed by Botox patients.

Hyaluronic acid
This is another product that is fast gaining hold. As a component of skin tissue, this product is meant to provide cushioning and lubrication to the skin. Their effects can last up to one year.

If you want that perfect strawberry mouth like Angelina Jolie, you will no longer need to go under the surgical scalpels. For creating spouty lips, cosmetic surgeons may inject in your lips Radiance that is derived from calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance found in human bones and teeth. The product is however awaiting FDA approval for use in cosmetic treatment.

This is being viewed as the first permanent injection to treat wrinkles. How does it work? The process involves the injection of microscopic plastic beads suspended in collagen into the targeted area. The body absorbs the injected collagen, and the beads make the body to produce its own collagen. Thus it triggers off a collagen production cycle. As the body experiences a drop in the collagen production, the beads instruct the body to produce more.

In the years to come, cosmetic surgery techniques are predicted to develop at even a faster rate. More advanced approaches are expected to replace the present techniques as demand for procedures with immediate effects and quicker healing time grow.


Is Mold Affecting Your Allergies

So many people in the world suffer from allergies that it is often hard to completely get away from them, no matter what kind of medications you might be prescribed by your physician.

Most allergy symptoms can be seen from spring to the late fall because the majority of allergies can be attributed to grasses, pollens, and different kinds of mold. Most grasses, flowers, and molds cannot grow during the winter time.

Even though some types of mold can withstand cold temperatures, most cannot continue to live in temperatures that are below freezing, though they can lie dormant for quite a long time. If they are allowed to thaw, they can be just as live and dangerous as before they were frozen.

Unfortunately, not all places in the world are touched by freezing temperatures and so mold often grows year round, affecting not only the allergies, but also the general health of the people who live in a building infected by it.

The allergy symptoms caused by mold can be anything from sneezing to runny noses to skin rashes. Perennial allergic rhinitis can also be brought about by the presence of mold, however mold usually causes allergy symptoms only when it is present in a fairly high amount.

Mold allergy symptoms are often made worse by the consumption of any kind of food that has been made with a fungus such as mushrooms or even foods like bread and beer. Cheese made with mold, particularly bleu cheese, can also bring about the occurrence of these symptoms.

Compared to the number of species of mold on the planet, there are not too many kinds of it that are highly allergenic, but there are a few dozen. Cladosporium, Alternaria, and Penicillium are three kinds of molds that tend to cause many allergic reactions. Penicillium is the only genus that has both a medicine and a disease named after it, however.

If you have allergies, something that you probably do on a regular basis is watch for the grass, pollen, and mold spore counts that appear on the news every day.

These are important to pay attention to because if you are elderly or have a small child who is allergic, going out into a day when there is a high count of anything you may be allergic to could be either an irritating day or end up aggravating your allergy until you need to go to the hospital. Severe allergic reactions are rare, but they can happen.


Desert Mold Causes Valley Fever

It might not be that obvious, but even in desert climates such as parts of Arizona, California, Nevada, and etcetera mold can be a real problem. One of the most deadly (and most difficult to pronounce) molds lives in the desert areas of the southwestern United States called Coccidioidomycosis immitis. It is also known by the common name of Valley Fever. This causes a skin disease that can be fatal if left untreated. While this mold is present in the Southwestern United States and Mexico, this mold is not present in the deserts of Asia and Africa.

Another reason that mold can be a big problem in desert areas is that people also tend to use what are called swamp coolers to cool their homes and businesses off during the hottest parts of the year. This drives indoor humidity sky high and along with it comes the mold growth that you really do not want inside your building. Leaks are also common occurrences in the water pipes that flow up to the rooftop coolers, which causes water to leak in the ceilings, attics, and walls.

A third reason is that the high heat of the desert can cause the deterioration of roofs and the siding to occur more quickly than in other environments. Water leaking into the house through holes in the roof or the siding on the side of the house will allow mold to begin growing. Do your best if you live in a desert climate to watch for these leaks, since your property is particularly at risk for this kind of damage.

Since water and air conditioning are so important in these areas, the possibility of plumbing and air conditioning condensation leaks is pretty high. The best thing that you can do to prevent air conditioning condensation is to wrap any pipes in insulation so the water does not collect.

Unfortunately, most people do not think that these climates have enough moisture for mold to be a problem, but as said, this is a fairly large misconception. The same techniques used in other environments to combat mold contamination of the home should also be used in desert climates. The majority of mold claims in desert areas are a result of water damage, but mold can also be caused by defects in the construction of a home and sometimes general maintenance issues of the property.


5 Tips That Motivate You To Lose Weight!

Losing a few pounds is what is on the minds of thousands of people at any given moment. If you are among those who need to lose weight, then weight loss motivation is what you need to get into your life. Many of us believe that determination is the key to losing weight and that is absolutely true. You need to believe that you have it in you to lose that extra weight, in order to stick to your outline plan. However, this is a health concern, so you need to consult a dietitian or a doctor before you begin starving yourself half to death.

One of the major mistakes that you can make is to lose weight for another person. Don’t try and lose weight just because somebody passed a comment about it, lose the weight because it is better for you to do so. Our next enemy is letting the motivation lose its essence. Many people lose the motivation to get thinner, in just a few weeks. Motivation is important for any goal that you wish to achieve in life, and it is no different with your weight loss plans as well.

1. Make sure you own a weighing scale. If you weigh your self every day, the minute losses on the reading that you notice could well become a driving force to stick with your exercise and diet. It also gives you feedback on the efficiency of your weight loss program. If you do not see any change after a month or so you obviously are doing something wrong.

2. When you have a mental picture of a better-looking body that could be a motivator to help you achieve such a state of being. So try and envision what you want to look like, be realistic about it, and work towards this image.

3. Once you begin to see success with your weight loss plans, you could well add a few targets to the outline plan. Maybe you would want to get some muscles as well, and you could add that on your list, so that could be a driving force maybe.

4. Become calorie conscious with a food diary, and do not try and quicken the pace of your weight loss. You didn’t gain the weight overnight and you are not going to lose it overnight either.

5. Try and consider all the health risks that overweight can bring in to your life, and use this as a motivator to get back into shape.

Remember that the healthier your body remains, the better will be the self esteem that you carry. Make sure you get a well planned fitness program, and stick to it. Do not let the slightest hurdle stop you from sticking to your weight loss program.


A Lifestyle Change is All it Takes for Permanent Weight Loss

It is said that being overweight is merely the result of consuming and taking in more calories than you burn. They say that if you eat less, then you may also start to weight less. Weight loss and weight control is not as simple as this. The belief that simply cutting back on your food intake can make you lose weight may work on some people who only have a few pounds to shed or who have never really struggled with their weight; however, for individuals who are obese or are suffering from eating disorders, cutting back on food intake just won’t do.

Being overweight and struggling to lose the excess weight can become quite a problem. The sooner this fact is admitted, the sooner positive action can be done. Most of these weight control and weight loss problems are not only caused by over eating. Some of the reasons for gaining or having too much weight include metabolism, genetics, bad eating habits, insufficient exercise, and maybe even psychologically related reasons. Other factors also include the amount and type of food you eat, your lifestyle, the amount of physical activity you are engaged in, whether you treat food as a response to stress, and your age and overall health status.

To overcome these and start on your weight loss journey, you will need to set goals for yourself. Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight – be it for health reasons, aesthetic, or simply just to feel better – successful and effective weight loss depends on the goals you set and the expectations you have. Setting realistic and sensible goals give you a better chance of fulfilling them. Try setting a goal to lose about five to ten percent of your weight – this is a measurable and realistic goal.

You should also never attempt to lose weight drastically and in a short period of time. If you are overweight, it is better to lose the weight on a slow and gradual basis, say losing about two pounds in a single week. This should be done for your safety and to keep your weight loss at a healthy level.

Effective weight management and weight loss must be able to address all factors and reasons for your weight. Products and weight loss programs that say weight loss is possible without having to change your eating habits or lifestyle are simply fraudulent. This is the reason why products and programs that claim to offer fast and easy results should be disregarded. Attempting to lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time is not only ineffective, it is also unhealthy. Keep yourself in check and don’t fall for gimmicks that promise results in a short period of time. Be realistic and start losing weight the right way.


How To Tell Your Boyfriend That He Has Bad Breath

Bad breath problems are very common. A lot of people throughout the world are suffering from it. This problem can cause a lot of conflicts in relationships because it can be considered as personal to share that someone close to you is having bad breath problems and considered as an offense.

On the other hand it also depends on the individual who you are with, their level of understanding, etc. When you are telling them that they have bad breath problems, it is just that you want them to be investigated if they have any health care issues that truly need to be addressed.

For example, if you have a boyfriend who has a bad breath problem then you need to think as to how to tell your boyfriend about bad breath. Your boyfriend might take it in a positive way or he can take it totally negatively. For that matter it is really important that you have to know your boyfriend really good in order to share with him that he is having a bad breath issue. Sooner or later, you have to ultimately share that because it is making you sick too and therefore this needs to be brought to his attention with a lot of attention as to how it should be shared. The thing that truly matter here is that you do not want your boyfriend to have any bad feelings at all and that is why this has to be shared in an amicable way.

If you are having problems thinking as to how to tell your boyfriend that he has a bad breath then you can talk this out with one of your friends, but if you do not want to share that with anyone and want to manage it on your own then you need to sit down and think. The first way that you can share this with your boyfriend could be just telling him up straight that you think that he is suffering from this problem and he needs to get some treatment for that. The other way of saying that could be to tell him that you think that he is going through some oral infections or some problems in his mouth and that this needs some immediate attention.

Another idea that can work to help you communicate with your boyfriend would be to communicate with him through a text message or write him a letter and tell him that you wanted to share that he is having a bad breath problem and thought it would be appropriate to share it this way. There are a lot of times that sharing through text is a lot more effective than sharing it directly through words.

If you are still thinking as to how to tell your boyfriend about bad breath, then I think you should explore more ideas as to what would be best, again knowing the fact that every individual responds differently and it has to be in a way that does not make your boyfriend feel bad in any way.

Lastly, remember that you know your boyfriend the best and before you try someone else idea to share, you should think on it very loudly as to whether it would be appropriate or not.